Emergency Documents

In some family planning, I put together this list of documents that are helpful to have consolidated in one place, ideally a folder or safe deposit box, that you can quickly and easily access. Redundancy can be helpful in case of emergency as well, and keeping these on hand will help you and your family be the most prepared in case something happens.

Personal Records

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certifications
  • Death certificates
  • Trust / Wills in case of death
  • Funeral and burial plans

Personal Identification

  • Drivers License/Personal ID
  • Citizenship/Immigration records (green cards, passports)
  • Social Security Cards

Financial Documents

  • Property titles, leases, deeds
  • Property Mortgage lender and login information
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) + registration
  • Bank Statements w/ account number + routing number
  • Pay stubs + previous tax filings (1040, W-2, K-1s)
  • Insurance information (car, home, life), company, membership info
  • Copies of debit + credit card numbers and affiliated banks
  • Login information for all banks, investment portfolios

Medical Records

  • Prescriptions w/ instructions + schedule (morning, afternoon, night)
  • Health insurance cards / health insurance company + membership information


  • Family photos and mementos